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COMPANY BIOS: Mike Thompson

Mike has over twenty years of experience managing worldwide information system development organizations.  From software development to package implementation to infrastructure management Mike has lead teams in all aspects of information technology.  Mike’s depth of knowledge across the entire IT spectrum allows him to help our clients with both the management aspect as well as the detail expertise needed to make put problem areas back on track.  


His combined business and technology background is a great asset within the Pinnacle team. Whether it is a networking issue or a software application, Mike is able to dig below the surface to advise our clients on the best course of action to meet business requirements while being conscientious about cost and resource impact. His ability to recognize and address process and systems changes that impact other company functions, make him a valuable team leader within Pinnacle.


Prior to joining Pinnacle Intertech, Inc., Mike had experience as a software developer, project manager, program manager, and worldwide IT manager.


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