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Enterprise Enrichment©


It is nearly impossible to ignore the fact that we are facing some of the most challenging economic times seen in over a half century.  If you are an executive or an investor in a business, your greatest challenge now may be the health of your enterprise.   Which companies manage best in difficulty and are positioned for dynamic success in better times?  Answers:

  • Those who operate at maximum efficiency with minimal waste of resources
  • Those who have access to cash, and can preserve it and cycle it the quickest
  • Those who have the clearest strategies and tactics – for now and the future
  • Those who know when and where to reach for experienced help when needed

To address these corporate needs, Pinnacle Intertech announces a new service offering.  We call it “Enterprise Enrichment.”©   We have developed unique and proprietary tools to examine every facet of your business.  We combine this special analysis and assessment with mature practical wisdom to improve the overall governance of your business.  If a merger, acquisition or IPO is in your plans, we can improve your chances and increase your valuation.

We are an experienced team of executives who have years of experience “in the trenches” managing companies of all sizes and industries.  We have successfully dealt with most every business issue you may be experiencing.   We bring a sharp focus to:

  • Clear and consistent strategies and tactics
  • Preservation and efficiency of working capital
  • Building your team and operational efficiency
  • Positioning for success

If your company is not executing to plan, or you need assistance in getting to the next level, we can help.

Contact Thom Kay at (408) 971-6600 x241,,



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