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by Sam Laub


If you are an entrepreneur who has perfected your product or service and are generating revenues in the U.S., you may now be interested in how you can expand your revenue in the current tough economy.  If so, and if you have not yet considered exporting, you should consider developing an export strategy for your company and its product or service.  If you are exporting, you should consider expanding the countries to which you are exporting.


As a country, America is not a champion exporter, as currently only about 11% of its gross national product is exported.  This is in sharp contrast to European countries such as Germany where over one third of its GDP is exported. 


Initially you will want to develop a sound export strategy that helps you define your export objectives and match your resources to those objectives.  Initially it is desirable to see if your product or service requires any governmental approvals for those countries you want to export to.  If no approvals are necessary or you have such approvals, then you should initially consider those countries that offer the best potential for your export success.  Among the other considerations you should establish a budget to support your export strategy, as this will define the extent of your approach.


There are several strategies for developing exports for your products or services.  One approach is to assess whether you should go direct into the foreign countries you want to develop for your products.  This can be done by directly establishing a subsidiary of your company in the chosen country or countries.  Another approach is to appoint distributor(s) for your product with sales goals compatible with the distribution territory involved.  Still another approach is to consider licensing your product and collecting royalties from the licensees.


My principal goal is to help American companies profitably exploit their products and services internationally, and I have business and personal contacts in at least 65 countries to assist me as needed.  My proven international business record entails subsidiary start-ups, market development, formulation of distribution strategies and transactions with distributors, personnel selection and management, and worldwide strategic planning for rapid revenue growth. My accomplishments includes


  • Formulating strategy and business plans for a high-growth international business.
  • Incorporating sales subsidiaries in 37 countries and manufacturing subsidiaries in three countries and establishing liaison offices in 15 countries, producing for one company international revenues equal to 50% of company total revenues within 5 years.
  • Defining a high-volume distribution strategy, selecting distributors and negotiating distribution agreements in 40 countries providing significant revenue.
  • Structuring business transactions in countries with foreign share ownership restrictions through product and component export transactions, joint ventures, and technology licensing.
  • Negotiating sales transactions and related equity investments in subsidiary and parent companies by Asian and European customers.
  • Recruiting and selecting personnel for key positions in a distributed international organization, including personnel for subsidiaries, liaison offices and headquarters.


Submitted by Sam Laub

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