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Increase Sales by Updating Your Marketing Message

By John Bialy

Are you looking to increase your sales?  Could you use a couple of new clients?  What do you say when someone asks “What do you do?”  How current is your marketing strategy and collateral?

We sometimes get complacent with our marketing and sales efforts.  It is easy to use the same marketing collateral, repeat the same message, and continue with the same strategy. Yet yesterday’s message may not bring in business today.  The business environment is dynamic and seems to be moving faster as we embrace the internet and instant communication.  Top business people know marketing and sales efforts should be reviewed regularly to determine if they can better address the current environment.

Where do you start?  You need to know and internalize three key components, What, Who, & Why.  What do we sell?  Who is our customer?  Why buy from us?

What do we provide our clients, from their point of view?  Examples might be a method to improve productivity, a process to secure our systems and communication, or a product that will save them money.  Strategically place yourself in your customer’s position and thoroughly understand what they are purchasing from you.

Who is our target client / customer?  Define who needs your services; be specific.  For example:


  • Our primary sales target is the CFO of a bank, (usually a 50 year old male that has been in management 20+ years, and worked at several other banks, often has children in college)

  • The bank has $200 million to $1 billion in assets

  • Branches are located in the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles areas

  • The bank makes commercial loans


Why us?  Why do people buy our product?  These questions define the reason a customer buys from you instead of the competition.  Again, look for the reason from the customer’s point of view.  Is it because they know you and trust you?  Or, do you offer the lowest price?  Maybe you are easy to do business with, or you provide exemplary personal attention. Always try to understand why your clients have selected you and if possible ask them directly.  Many people purchase goods and services because of convenience; your favorite gas station, grocery and pharmacy are good examples.  Use this information to understand your competitive advantage. 

Combine your research in these three areas and you have your powerful marketing message.  Such as, “We assist owners of service providers and small companies in the San Jose area, to gain new customers through analysis, definition, and implementation of a marketing and sales strategy.  Our clients use us because we help determine what they need and provide it for less cost than a full-time employee, through an on-going, part-time, outsourced relationship.”

Don’t try to sell your state-of-the-art solution with yesterday’s marketing message.  Be certain that you and everyone in your organization understands your marketing basics “What, Who, & Why.”  Regularly review and update your basics with consideration to advances in your business and with input from your clients.  It will help you effectively compete in a changing environment and consistently increase your sales.





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