Empowering Exponential Growth

by Kaushal Chokshi



The new emerging markets and new technologies are providing unparallel opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies to plan for exponential growth. Even the perceived threats like rising oil prices and looming recession provides new opportunities for alternative energy technologies and access to global markets respectively. From the affluent Baby Boomers to the challenging Gen Y, a complex matrix is creating unique niche markets. At the same time

these challenges are also generating dynamic business conditions. New models are evolving to grow exponentially even in such demanding business conditions where new talent, technology and optimized use of resources are required. The next generation of off-shoring allows small to medium sized companies, including start-ups, to leverage global resources and markets in a similar fashion to the way that multinationals have done for years in the

20th Century. The new hybrid models offer direct employees without the hassle of establishing legal entities or signing a local lease in a new country.


Global Talent Acquisition and Retention


Offshoring to low cost countries has been an established practice for many years by manufactures as well as the knowledge process sector. As the penetration of broadband is increasing, new ways of leveraging global talent is becoming possible even for small and medium size companies. It is possible to manage even a product development and research team of less than 10 people based offshore in emerging countries with new models and technologies. This model allows for a more secure protection of a company’s IP. It is flexible and scalable with low cost and low risk. It is also possible to have multiple employees in multiple countries for either a 24/7 operation or for leveraging a better talent pool and



Global Sales and Marketing Team


Emerging countries are showing tremendous market potential. Many economies are growing at the rate of more than 7-8% per annum of GDP. Millions of new customers are being added in the world market as their disposable income increases. These countries are establishing their basic infrastructure at a rate that we have never seen before. These markets are creating new opportunities. Even for sophisticated technologies in terms of the latest software, telecom products, or clean technology they adapt at a faster rate in accepting the introduction of new products. In countries like BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China)

it is more difficult to find a committed sales channel of agents/dealers/representatives. With the new models of talent acquisition and retention, it is possible to hire a direct sales force in various countries. A direct sales force will allow a company to do proper market development, get direct business and set the foundation for establishing sales channels.


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