June 1, 2008   San Jose, California – Pinnacle Intertech, Inc. a west coast U.S. based provider of information technology and business integration consulting services has announced that it has formed an alliance partnership with QuickStart Global. Pinnacle Intertech and QuickStart Global will work jointly with clients that are seeking to benefit from a Hybrid Captive strategy by offering process and transition support expertise.


Thom Kay, CEO of Pinnacle Intertech said, “Our consulting team is excited about joining forces with Quickstart Global and working to insure their customers’ seamless migrations into the Hybrid Captive model.  We cannot imagine a better partnership fit between our two companies.  This will enable us to jointly leverage QSG’s innovative and proven resource model while utilizing Pinnacle as the experienced project experts. Above all, I see this collaboration as a big win in terms of efficiency and cost savings for companies utilizing Quickstart Golbal’s Captive methodologies.”   


About Pinnacle Intertech

Pinnacle Intertech is an expert in providing management and technology consulting services.  The company is staffed by individuals with an average of more than 25 years of industry experience that goes beyond the theoretical approach and includes “hands on” understanding that is achieved through managing complex multinational enterprises.

About Quickstart Global
Quickstart Global is a leader in assisting companies to establish captive operations around the world.  Utilizing our unique Hybrid Captive™ and Full Captive™ methodologies, more companies are achieving competitive advantage through the adoption of an offshore / nearshore captive operation with Quickstart Global than any other company worldwide.

For additional information, please contact:

Jennifer Langley, Quickstart Global - +1 415 293-7903


John Bialy, Pinnacle Intertech, Inc. +1 408 971-6600 xt4246