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what we do: Mergers & Acquisition Support services

As part of our M&A services offering, the Pinnacle team has developed a package of unique assessment tools that examines every facet of the business opportunity in order to provide our clients with a clear understanding of how to preserve capital and position the business for growth and a seamless integration process. We use this information to develop a “success roadmap” that outlines specific plans and timing to position the company towards financial and operational health.

We also provide support in carrying out the success roadmap steps or we can turn things over to the management team to pursue with their own resources. Our priority is clear: Getting the tools and techniques into our clients’ hands in order to meet the defined goals. For more information or talk to us about how we can help your company, please contact Thom Kay at (408) 971-6600 x241 or email him at


  • Supporting Business Change – The Pinnacle team has the expertise to meet our clients’ needs through successful planning and execution of technology and business transitions in support of client acquisition or divestiture initiatives.


  • IT Alignment - Pinnacle has assisted clients with new and changing business initiatives by evaluating the IT implications and aligning the IT capabilities and priorities to deliver business value and achieve client objectives


  • Program Management - Pinnacle has a proven track record in helping clients by providing program management assistance to guide them through to successful completion of M&A business and technology programs


  • Asset Allocation - Pinnacle has successfully guided clients in optimizing their M&A investments through redundancy reduction during business integration.


Project Phased Support and M&A Expertise


  • Pre-Close Phase

    • M&A Project Management and Integration Planning

    • IT and Business Due Diligence Support

    • IT Infrastructure Analysis

    • IT Department Synergies and Cost Optimization

    • Business and IT integration Analysis

    • Development and Negotiation of Service Level Agreements between Companies and Service Providers


  • Post-Close Phase

    • Integration or Divestiture Project Management

    • Technical Integration or Divestiture Support

    • Business Process Development and Integration or Divestiture Support