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Service Expertise:


IT Assessment & Process Improvement Support


We offer a suite of professional services which can optimize your IT operations and effectiveness.  We help our customers to pinpoint the opportunities that will enhance their IT capabilities and better leverage their existing resources. Our team is experienced in covering a wide array of IT assessment topics across a broad range of industries and markets. We understand how important it is to have an objective “check up” prior to managing changes in a complex IT environment.


IT Governance


We assist IT organizations of small to medium-sized companies establish a complete IT governance process, which ensures that IT is aligned and supportive of the corporate mission.  This includes a structured service to help improve SOX 404 compliance results while lowering overall audit and testing costs. 


Acquisitions, Divestitures & Project Support


We specialize in issue identification and resolution before due diligence to maximize valuation to our clients.  We have a proven history of successful projects for our clients. Our expertise includes integration and upgrades of ERP / business systems, processes design and deployment, methodology enhancements, custom reporting and data management services.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


We offer services in DR and BCP. Our expertise includes identification of critical services and applications, establishing RTOs/RPOs, development of specific disaster scenarios and assessing the state of readiness of the organization to respond to a disaster. We have carried out successful projects in impact assessment, identification of single points of failure, failure simulation tests and reviews of responses and architecture and process remediation.



Data Privacy and Data Breach Response


We provide services to assess the confidentiality impact levels for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected and used by the organization, implement appropriate operational, privacy and security controls, and prepare incident responses for data breaches.


Efficiency & value:

Our consultants are highly focused on meeting time-sensitive objectives while delivering the greatest value to our clients.  Our smaller, more flexible operating structure enables us to meet targeted customer needs with efficiency and expediency.


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