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Process Streamlining – (Guaranteed)


Does your organization struggle from time & resource consuming processes? Do you find that some repetitive activities in your company seem to be more complex than they should? Have you wondered if your staff may be working harder instead of smarter in some areas? Are your employees getting frustrated by the lack of automation within some key process activities?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these, we can help. We are offering a no charge / no-obligation review of your processes to help you determine if there are areas where we can save you time and money. Our experts at Pinnacle Intertech have been successfully assisting clients with process improvements for over 20 years.

At one bay area client, we were asked by their CEO to conduct a review and assessment of their IT processes. In the course of this assessment exercise, we interviewed many of the stakeholders that used IT services. While speaking with a finance manager, we uncovered a manual process that was consuming nearly one day per month for one senior staff person. With only a small amount of effort on our part, we were able to automate the process (using existing desktop software) to enable the financial staff to get more accurate information in a matter of 15 minutes per month (including review time!) 

If this sounds like an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your organization, contact us at (408) 971-6600 ext 241 or . We will be happy to show you a risk free way to enhance your processes and save money along the way.



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