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Global outsource service provider

Pinnacle Intertech was asked to provide experienced program management expertise to assist in the customer’s bid to provide global outsourcing services to a very large and high-profile end customer.  The PII team member was assigned to the customer’s Cross-Functional Services team for the first round of bids.  This effort required expertise in the areas of outsourcing, Information Technology infrastructure, Applications Management and project management.  The first round went very well and the PII team member was asked to be the single point of contact for a single RFP during the second round.  Now dedicated to a single RFP team, the PII team member became an integral resource to the team, not just for Cross Functional Services, but for the management of the RFP response process in general.  In fact, the PII team member was asked to take on additional roles including Due Diligence Manager and Bid Manager for this RFP team.  These responsibilities involved:

  • Program Management of the Due Diligence Process

  • Regular contact with the end customer (highly unusual for a non-employee resource).

  • Coordination of team activities and meetings

  • Preparation of key documents

  • Extensive travel to meet with RFP and Customer personnel

  • Driving deliverables for the team

The customer’s senior executives eventually asked the RFP team to prepare consolidated bids to show the end customer potential savings should multiple RFP’s be awarded to PII’s customer.  The PII team member was asked to take on Bid Manager roles for these efforts as well.

The customer won the RFP to which the PII team member was assigned as single point of contact, as well as several others.









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